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Prayer Page

Prayer for Christ's Church:


Daily Group Prayer Options

               Bethany Church (32nd @ Central)           John Kim                6:00  AM (everyday)

               New Community-Fourth   (15th & Washington)    Jonathan Brownson            7:00 AM (everyday)

               Vineyard Church  (Central Avenue & 30th)  Pastor's Prayertime [All persons are welcome]   (Thursdays at 7:00AM)


Prayer for Our Churches

              Each month we request that each church remember the identified church or churches in their congregational prayers that month.    

January -- First, Embody Christ Fellowship
February -- Central Park, Hope Church
March -- Beechwood, The Church at Benjamin's Hope
April --  Maplewood, New Community/Fourth
May -- Calvary, Maple Avenue
June -- Third, Rose Park
July --  Christ Memorial, LifeQuest Ministries
August -- Intersection Ministries/Grace
September --  Fellowship, Trinity
October -- LifeTree Community Church
November -- Pillar Church
December --  Alas de Aguila; sites in Holland, Wyoming, Allendale, Alger Heights

Prayer Suggestions

1) Prayer for our Classis leaders:  Dr. John Lunn, President;  Rev. Janelle Lopez-Koolhaas, Vice-President; Rev. Leigh VanKempen, Past-President; and Rev. Dr. Larry Schuyler, Classis Coordinator.

2) Encourage the elders & deacons to "team up" as prayer partners & pray daily for each other. Who else in your congregation could benefit from teaming up with another person for prayer?

You might also be interested in the prayer resources and joining the RCA Prayerline Prayer News. Send a note to

Rev. Chris DeGraaf is the Classis Prayer Coordinator. His email address is:  Phone: 616-396-6526